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Hi there,

My name is Suzy! I am a full time model and voice actress. In my spare time I love to play video games and cook, My specialty is dessert items like cakes and pies! You havent lived till you've tried my apple pie! I love going to the beach, my local arcade, and roller blading. At night, I like to go out dancing with my friends and just generally having a good time!

I love to model, ever since I was a young girl modeling has always been my dream and passion, well that and having a boyfriend with a CBR! I am very fortunate that in my short life I have acomplished so much and traveled so far, it has truly humbled me and made me a very approachable person! Always follow your dreams and push for what you believe in, I can't count how many times i was laughed out of school for telling my friends I wanted to move to LA one day and be a model! Anything is possible and all things can be accomplished with hard work and devotion.

I wont let you all down and look forward to answering your questions and meeting with you at the next RD Speed event with my friend Dana!


Suzy's Favorite bike 2008 Honda Cbr

More of suzy's photos coming soon

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