Dana's Bio

My name is Dana Rodriguez! I am a finanical advisor and lingerie model. I love playing sports, modeling, being outdoors, cooking and all kinds of activities. During the day, I am a financial advisor for a Civil Engineering company. I also Model and play co-ed volleyball on a man's net. A lot of people call me a tomboy, but I just like to think of it as always ready to have a good time~!
I love sauteed mushrooms, anything with garlic, pasta and cooking! Pastries and desserts tend to be my specialty.

My goals are simple. To follow my dreams, and create the possibilities from improbabilities. To continue to improve upon myself with everything I learn and accomplish. If anyone ever tells you something is impossible, tell them maybe they think it is; but NEVER let anyone make you second guess yourself, or doubt what you think may be possible. That idea, that dream.....the wonder "if" it could happen - if you have the right support from people who are TRUE friends, and you have the will to never give up no matter how defeated you feel, then you WILL succeed. NEVER give up your dreams, or lose sight of who you are. Who you are is everything to the people who love you!!

TRUE Friends are indispensable.

One of my favorite things to do is promoting! I remember promoting Husqvarna and LA Fuel at the Xgames! Posing on motorcycles and by the new parts that were being promoted, rooting for motorcycles, surrounded by parts! What a kick ass time!! Can't wait to be out there promoting RD Speed!

More of Dana's photos coming soon

Dana's Favorite bike 2008 Yamaha R6

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